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THE BARBER is the person who performs men's haircuts and beard services to the style requested by a customer in exchange for money or other methods of payment such as goods and services. There is much debate on the issue of women as barbers.

From a historic and traditional standpoint of nostalgia, the word "barber" is a term for men who cut men's hair. Today, the barber trade has been and still is a man's role - however, there are women who have attended barber schools and only cut men's hair too.


So, are women who cut hair for men only barbers also? Yes, absolutely.

PROFESSIONAL BARBERING STARTED within the field of medicine in the middle-ages. Barbers were known as "barber surgeons" and did three things on a professional basis:

1. Surgeries and amputations.

2. Dentistry services.

3. Haircut services for men.

Barbers did this until sometime around the American Civil War (late 1800's) at the latest. Barbers who performed surgeries were eventually replaced by proper doctors. Barbers who performed dental services were eventually replaced by proper dentists. Today, barber and barbering is a term only reserved for those who cut hair for men.

A good barber is a fully equipped, trained and schooled in sanitization, technique, has adequate communication skills, and is generally seasoned with at least 5 years of experience cutting men's hair.

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