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BARBER SHEARS (or scissors) should be made of stainless steel, fixed together with an adjustable hinge, has a contoured handle for the right or left hand which includes a tang located on the smaller ring for stability in the hand, and very sharp.

Shears can be hand-forged, machine-forged, or cast. They are hand-sharpened or digitally sharpened during manufacturing.


Cast blades are cast-mold formed and cooled, often digitally sharpened to save money during manufacturing.

There are two kinds of barber shears:

Standard Shears (top photo) - barber shears with straight blades designed for cutting hair.

Thinning Shears (bottom photo) - barber shears with toothed blades designed to do three things with proper technique:


1. Add texture to hair.

2. Feather layers of hair to blend different lengths of hair.

3. Remove volume from hair.

Conventional blades have beveled edges.

Japanese blades have convex edges.

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