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The Famous American Barber!


The authentic American men's barber in the heart of beautiful Harish. The luxury service for men unmatched anywhere in the country. Expect excellence. You will get it.

Typically, the Israeli haircut experience is very different from an authentic barber experience - what you traditionally expect as an English speaking man. You wonder in curious fear if the person cutting your hair knows what you want done, or even if your person knows what he/she is doing at all. The environment is unsanitary, the language is confusing, and you have to sit in an awkward chair, and so on.


Don't forget!

Soldier's cuts are always 40 NIS!

Lone soldier's cuts always 25 NIS!

Beard trims for ladies are always FREE!!


In the end, you get a cookie cutter haircut. As where I am extremely meticulous and tailor your cut to your exact specifications. I am a formally trained and experienced men’s specialist barber, and you are in excellent hands.

I've recently closed my barber shop but I'm temporarily working at a friend's salon down the road, where you can experience and enjoy the ultimate service. All of my tools are state-of-the-art. All of my shears are made of hand forged Japanese steel. Everything is sterilised and reset between customers. Expect a quality haircut that can take up to 40 minutes.

So if you like a comfortable lean-back chair made of black leather and chrome with a nice foot rest, and can appreciate a razor -close shave in the proper environment  – THE FAMOUS AMERICAN BARBER was created just for you in mind.


Located in the vicinity Ahuza Street / Brandeis Street in Ra'anana. Appointments are highly recommended. Walk-ins are welcome. Click HERE, or call to make your reservation.

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