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Now there's the Delta Varient:
What does it mean for barbers?
Last Update: Tuesday, June 29th, 2001
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It is finally legal to get your haircut at the barbershop in Israel now, but just as we all thought we made it through this epidemic there is this new Delta variant that has penetrated the country. Although we had indoor mask restrictions lifted very recently - it looks as though we will need to wear them indoors yet again.


So ideally, we should probably all be wearing masks in the barbershop, but we have a new government in this country and regulations surrounding Covid are not entirely clear at this time. I recommend using your best judgement at choosing a barber that always keeps sanitised tools.

Different countries have different laws regarding hygiene at the barbershop for the safety of both barber and customer. In the United States, barbers fall under the jurisdiction of, and licensed by the Department of Health and all barbers are required to learn about and implement sanitisation between customers. 

In Israel, there are no such laws. Not once have I EVER seen a barber disinfect his/her equipment in between servicing customers (even now), and it's infuriating to me because I do it every single time. It's important. During the epidemic, new laws have been implemented - but they are only temporary.

In the wake of this pandemic, I expect new safety measures and public safety laws passed in Israel. We shall see.

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